Marijuana Vaporizing Benefits / Vaporizing vs. Smoking/Medical Cannabis General Knowledge

Warning: Not all so-called ‘vaporizers’ are truly vaporizing !

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What is THC?

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What is a true vaporizer?

A true vaporizer heats up the herbs without combustion, and only lets flavors and aromas escape. Awesome invention. 

More THC, less smoke. But what are the important factors when you are looking for a vaporizer?

Heating time – some of them are taking 2-3 minutes. We are used to smoke out of a pipe that you can light up and smoke instantly. The faster, the better!

Quality – China invaded us with their cheap, yet easy-braking, malfunctioning products. Now, dont look at China, that everything is bad what comes from there! Apple is manufactured in China!

Of course you can look into the, that costs almost $500, and you get the best german engineering. But there are good brands out there, that are cheaper.

Portability – many vaporizers are called portable, but they honestly look like a dildo. I mean come-on people, are we vaporizeing or getting ready for a porn movie scene? Ok, putting the joke aside, most of the vaporizers nowadays are tube shape, which is hard to fit in the pocket, because these are not exactly pen-sized. (if you think you have seen a pen-sized vape, read here about the truth behind it. Those are actually burning the herbs.

Smooth vapor – vapor is already smooth because it is not smoke, it is vapor. If you are new to this, every vapor will be smooth for you. Now, the professionals, who have been vaping since years and years are looking for ceramic heating chamber. Bad news is, it increases the heating time significantly.

We awarded this vaporizer, after considering all factors and of course, the aesthetics as well !

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Why switch from cigarettes to vaporizers?

Changing something in your habits will make you raise a brow. You will start thinking if the chance will be beneficial or not. So here are some strong arguments why switching to vaporizers represents the best choice you could ever make.

Probably you know smoking is a carcinogen. But not because of the tobacco, marijuana, or any other plant in it, but because of the by-products that result from combustion. Actually, the paper that wraps the cigarette produces the tar, which is completely unhealthy for your lungs. Also, when smoking you need to take a deep breath out of your smoke to really feel the effects of herb. Besides the health consequences, you always have to carry around a pack of chewing gum, to get rid of the bad smell of your mouth. That’s bad if you want to charm a lady or a man.

All right, let’s pass to vaporizers. First, with vaporizers, no smoke will be produced, thus, not harming your lungs. Up to 95% of the smoke is eliminated with vaporizers. And the best part is that the vapors still contain a good quantity of cannabinoids, which give the desired effects. The truth is that you need a smaller amount of vapors to feel the real effects, compared to smoking. Thus, you won’t use the same amount of plant for the vaporizer. In time, you will feel the difference in your pocket, saving money on purchasing marijuana. Last, but not least, you will be free of bad breath.

Are you convinced now? Check it out and see it for yourself.   

More about benefits and what is a vaporizer, read in our other post, here.

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