Legalization of Marijuana in United States, and around the World

Here is some data about where can we smoke/vaporize cannabis legally, how much can you carry on you, and how many plants can you grow.


Marijuana has been legalized for medical use in the following states of the US:

Alaska (1 oz usable, 6 plants – 3 mature, 3 immature)

Arizona (2.5 oz usable, 0-12 plants)

California (8 oz. usable, 6 mature of 12 immature plants)

Colorado (2 oz. usable, 6 plants – 3 mature, 3 immature)

Connecticut (one month supply)

DC (2 oz. dried, limits on other forms to be determined)

Delaware (6 oz. usable)

Hawaii (3 oz. usable, 7 plants – 3 mature, 4 immature)

Illinois (2.5 oz. usable over a 14 day period)

Maine (2.5 oz. usable, 6 plants)

Maryland (30 day supply, amount to be determined)

Massachusetts (60 day supply for personal medical use)

Michigan (2.5 oz. usable, 12 plants)

Minnesota (30 day supply of non-smokable marijuana)

Montana (1 oz. usable, 4 mature plants, 12 seedlings)

Nevada (1 oz. usable, 7 plants – 3 mature, 4 immature)

New Hampshire (2 oz. during a 10 day period)

New Jersey (2 oz. usable)

New Mexico (6 oz. usable, 16 plants – 4 mature, 12 immature)

New York (30 day supply non-smokable marijuana)

Oregon (24 oz. usable, 24 plants – 6 mature, 18 immature)

Rhode Island – (2.5 oz. usable, 12 plants)

Vermont (2 oz. usable, 9 plants – 2 mature, 9 immature)

Washington (24 oz. usable, 15 plants)

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For recreational purposes, 4 states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana. These states include Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska. However, under federal law, it is still illegal to sell, possess, produce, and distribute marijuana. Federal law trumps state law when it comes to marijuana legalization.

Five states including Massachusetts, Nevada and California are expected to introduce measures to legalize recreational marijuana by 2016.

Most Americans think recreational marijuana should be taxed and regulated like alcohol

Two congressmen, Rep. Jared Polis and Rep. Earl Blumenauer, have filed House bills that would together legalize, regulate and tax marijuana at the federal level. The house bills filed were the Regulate Marijuana like Alcohol Act, and the Marijuana Tax Revenue Act. 

World Overview

The Czech Republic passed medical marijuana law in 2013. Citizens can grow up to 5 plants

Ecuador – small amounts for personal use are allowed

Jamaica – Not yet illegalized but it has been decriminalized for medical use and for religious ceremonies

Mexico – The possibility of the lessening of violence and corruption (due to drug cartels) could lead the Mexican authorities to legalize marijuana in Mexico.

Canada – The majority of Canadians want marijuana to be legalized. Marijuana laws currently more relaxed than US laws.

Spain – High concentration of private cannabis clubs. The manufacture and sale of cannabis is still illegal in Spain.

Uruguay – First and only country to fully legalize marijuana

The Netherlands – Has a friendly attitude towards marijuana but not yet legalized

Argentina – Likely to follow Uruguay and fully legalize marijuana. Wants to snuff out the black market.

India – Marijuana is widely used in religious ceremonies. Wild cannabis grows in several parts of India. Legalization of marijuana is a strong possibility.

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