E-cigarette and Vaporizer- Everything you need to know

eCigarettes (also called vaporizers)

These vaporize a liquid called eliquid. These usually have coils that heat up the eliquid to the point that it produces vapor cloud.

Ecigarettes were invented to quit smoking. Now, the new problem is, after people quit smoking, they get hooked on vaporizing. New studies show, on long term, these ecigarettes are at least as unhealthy as cigarettes.


These were first disposable, then you could fill them up with your own eliquid, and the device become rechargeable. Something like this:


The best to buy these it at a low price from ebay.com or rakuten.com.  There is really not a huge difference between an expensive one and a cheaper model. Never buy the cheapest, but mid and high class are exactly the same in this category!

Then the so-called MOD came on market, that produces, HUGE, and by HUGE, I mean old-disco-smoke-machine kind of quantity of vapor.

So these devices above are for liquid…

The other big category is: vaporizers for dry herbs.

These are devices that are battery-powered, and they have a heating chamber (where you put your herbs in ) What kind of herbs? Here are a few:

all herbs

And of course marijuana, or medical cannabis, call it how you want it. 🙂

In the beginning stage there were just desktop vaporizers.

Then small pen vaporizers came, that look like this:


These look great and are small, but there is one issue, that actually caused mass confusion. THESE DEVICES BURN THE HERBS. How can you tell the difference?

When you smoked before out of a pipe or in any form, you obviously tasted some burnt taste. Now, when you vaporize, you heat it up to a point that lets flavors and aromas escape.

The easiest way to describe it: it tastes exactly how it smells. That awesome unchanged, original flavor why vaporizing is very beneficial.

This is an atmos.com product and it is great if you are looking to burn the herbs, but definitely should not be called vaporizer 🙂

A real vaporizer nowadays is also very portable form. The newest, craziest invention, on the market, a TRUE vaporizer, is AirVape, from AirVapeUSA.com. Its creators claim that this is the thinnest, lightest yet.

IMG_5572 copy



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